Yes, and NectarYes, and Nectar is a song arranged by Jon Gonzales & Michael Lindner, with Gary Sugiyama on ukulele and featuring Mimi Pirard on backup vocals, and inspired by lyrics from a song in my novel Love and Other Pranks. Enjoy!

Artistic expression (of any medium) inspired by my books is always welcome!

Tempt me with your outlaw apple
with eyes that flash so wild
Answer me it’s oh so good
with lips that dare and smile
         as we lick yes,
         and nectar!
Cast this day into the night
the wind it shivers cold
Cuddle with me closer trust
our spirit soars so bold
         as we whisper yes,
         and nectar!
Fend with me the taunt of dark
our fear will find repose
Dream with me discover light
the shining smile that knows
         as we murmur yes,
         and nectar!
Blinking into mourning sad
at life’s forgotten hymn
Must we surely die my love
and fade into the dim
         as we cry yes,
         and nectar!
Find with me the love that’s lost
the song that’s long unsung
Sing with me abandoned words
unleashed upon our tongue
         as we shout yes,
         and nectar!
Kiss me by the candlelight
oh kiss me by the sun
Dance with me like hurricanes
and spin our souls undone
         as we roar yes,
         and nectar!
Watch me as I live my life
as I shall witness yours
Free our hearts of all our hurt
and open all the doors
         as we purr yes,
         and nectar!

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